Friday, November 3, 2017

802.1Q Trunking Between Cisco and HP Switches

How to support different VLANs over a link between a Cisco switch and an HP Procurve switch could be confusing because of different terms and approaches used by the two vendors. This post aims to provide a short guide to make it work.

Notice that in the Procurve, the VLAN-port association is configured from the VLAN, while in Cisco IOS it is configured from the individual ports. Also "untagged" in the Procurve means "native" in Cisco terms, and "tagged" in the Procurve means "allowed" in Cisco terms. Now we can look at the actual configuration on both sides.

The configuration on the Cisco side should be:

On the Procurve side the configuration should be:

And yes, it worked:

PS: The last ping worked because I configured the default gateway on both switches (there is no VLAN 100 in the Procurve so the ping traffic has to be routed by the default gateways).